The nature of the Island LimnosThe north Aegean island of Lemnos
Lemnos, Greece located in the North Aegean region and is a large island totally off the beaten track. The distinctive volcanic substrate of the island in conjunction with its arid climate produces exceptional quality herbs with musky aromas, intense flavor and rich in essential oils.
Unique wild perennial herbs are grown here, thyme, the endemic oregano, alkanna tinctoria, sage, rock samphire, St John’s wort, pancratium maritimum, cistus crispus, sarcopoterium spinosum are among them. However, the island is famous for centuries for its medieval medicinal earth, the famous Terra sigillata, since the classical period of Greek mythology. Hence, the herbs grown on Lemnos are of superior quality but are produced in small quantities. The myths about Lemnos are closely linked to the god Hephaestus.

Aegean Organics Facility in Limnos IslandAegeanorganics.com
Aegean Organics© constitutes an integrated organic company that cultivates processes and packs certified organic herbs and essential oils. The essential oils are water-steam distilled in our own food grade stainless steel distillation apparatus.
All herbs are cultivated traditionally, in the most natural way, alone in their natural wild environment. We do not use genetically modified plants, fertilizers, pesticides or other chemicals. Inspection of our cultivated fields is carried out regularly. Quality control is carried out before and after packing ensuring the therapeutic properties of the herbs and their organoleptic characteristics.We are pride to announce that Aegean Organics has launched an innovative traceability system called, Traceability Herb. Our customers are able to gather information about the harvesting date, drying period, quality of the herb and even packaging dates of a specific product. Very soon our consumers would be able to see on our webpage satellite images of the actual field that produced the particular product. The dominant target of Aegean Organics is to produce superior quality herbs and essential oils with respect to the environment.
Our energy needs are covered by 85% from renewable resources being the solar energy. Our target is to exceed 90% progressively by the year 2020. The herbal residues (stems, leaves and distilled flowers) are turned into compost for recycling in the botanical garden. Rainwater is stored and used to condensate the vapors during the distillation process instead of using tap water. This water is 100% renewable and recyclable. We do no not use tractors or other kind of machinery in the fields that is using fossil fuels; all jobs are carried out manually.

Our Work... A "baby" organic plant in our fieldOur concern for the environment
In Aegean Organics© our mentor is nature and we are entirely devoted to protect it. Since we collaborate with nature it is our duty to maintain the superior quality of Lemnos herbs with the minimum possible carbon footprint.

We do not harvest nature’s wild herbs since this practice may result important long term negative consequences for the preservation of Lemnos flora and biodiversity, by setting in danger of extinction plenty of the widely used herbs.
The Aegean Organics is working to reverse that tendency, with the support of sustainable farming of wild herbs of Lemnos, using always environment friendly methods of cultivation and harvesting.
To preserve the local flora genotypes Aegean Organics uses:
– the local subspecies of Origanum vulgare hirtum with Thymol chemotype
– The local subspecies of sage Salvia triloba and
– The local subspecies of thyme Coridothymus capitatus,
by protecting that way their preservation locally and globally.We use renewable resources to cover our energy needs.
We compost all herbal by-product residues and recycle our plastic waste.
We use where possible, biodegradable, recyclable or recycled materials.
We do not irrigate the herbs. Our herbs are left to grow wildly both in the fields and in the farm.
We sustain the endemic floral species and enrich the island with more plants sustaining the local farmers and economy

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