Aegean Organics produces herbs, mixtures of herbs, essential oils and perfumed water.

Each product is traceable meaning it has a unique tracking code. Our customers have therefore the option to choose an herb that was grown in a specific field or an essential oil that was produced from an herb that was grown in a specific field.



Origanum vulgare hirtum

Aegean Organics is specialized in the Greek native Oregano of Lemnos. The genotype of Lemnos oregano is characterized by Thymol chemotype. particular oregano is native and grows alone only at the latitude arc of Lemnos, Samothrace and Athos. The Aegean Organics oregano has a unique distinctive strong spicy flavor with over 69% Thymol content. The product comprised of at least 92% blooming flowers and it is free of dust (soil), stems and large leaves.        





Coridothymus capitatus and Thymus vulgaris

We cultivate two different subspecies of Thyme, the coridothymus capitatus and the thymus vulgaris. When the sea wind touches the hills of Lemnos the rich musky aroma of Thyme spreads over the island. Aegean Organics’ thyme is characterized by strong flavor with intoxicating aromas. Both products contain flowers, stems and are free of dust (soil).   







Salvia triloba and Salvia officinalis

Sage is known as the sacred plant of immortality.

We cultivate salvia triloba and salvia officinalis to satisfy the needs of our customers. Both plants have intense aromas with strong peppery flavor and they are harvested during the blooming period. The sage is comprised of petioles and its stems and it is free of dust (soil).







Lavandula angustifolia and Lavandula hybrida

Dried lavender buds of lavandula angustifolia and lavandula hybrida harvested twice a year during the blooming periods. Both lavanders have wonderful intense aromas with strong essential oil. Our organic lavender is ideal for hot or cold teas and suitable for homemade soaps and perfumes. The lavandula sachets can be used as effective insect repellents in the wardrobe or as sleep helpers near the pillow.






St. John’s Wοrt

Hypericum perforatum

We harvest the wildly grown native St. John’s Wοrt from our organically certified farms. Its leaves and the star-shaped yellow flowers secrete a blood-red juice. The Aegean Organics’  St. John’s Wοrt comprised of the flowering plant the stem and its leaves. It is harvested early May and it is suitable for tinctures.  


Essential oils

We distill our own essential oils in our distillation facilities. We employ the water – steam distillation method to distill leaves, petioles and/or stems according to the needs of our customers. All the active ingredients of the herbs are concentrated in one drop. Aegean Organics’ essential oils are used by professionals engaged in the therapeutic massages and aromatherapy. We do not use any chemical solvents during the distillation neither we dilute them in any possible way. They are 100% pure, natural, undiluted essential oils.



Hydrosol is produced during the natural separation of the distilled essential oils in the Florentine flasks. This organic hydrosol is suitable for homemade soaps, perfumes, food recipes and even for ironing since it does not contain any salts. It can also be used as a perfumed spray in closets for full and healthy freshness